When to declutter and organize your home

When to declutter and organize your home

When to declutter and organize your home

When to declutter and organize your home

Our mindset has traditionally been to “spring clean” and to declutter and organize your home then. Today we are going to talk about why the fall is a better time to do that.


The reasons why…

1) We have the time now. The pandemic has given us time to do more house projects.

2) We are spending more time at home. This means more people hours in the same space. Declutter and organizing your home means you can maximize your space. Do you need more home office space, more personal space, more storage space? Best to do it now so you have that extra room when the winter comes, and you are more limited to being at home.

3) Little indoor dining will be available this winter so extra pantry and family dining area will be helpful. Time is now to declutter and organize your home for it.

4) Doing it in the spring just means your living with “extra stuff’ all winter. No time is better than the present.

5) Just in case we have a second wave to this pandemic hits this winter having extra space to store water, soup, toilet paper and towels, etc. makes some sense. You will always use it no matter what happens. I like the motto “I plan for the worst and pray for the best”.

6) It is easier this time of year to dispose of trash and anything you no longer need. There are not long lines to the recycling or dumps and trash pickup companies will accommodate your needs.

7) Last but not least. It simply feels better to have the house decluttered and organized. The piece of mind could yet frankly be the best reason to do it.

If you have any questions just call. I would be happy to help. Or search AngiesList for top rated professionals if they are needed for any of your projects.

Jeff Anderson The Anderson Team RE/MAX Results


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