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Jeff Anderson is a certified Knock Agent. He believes in this program because it is another way he can better serve his clients. This program allows you to buy non-contingent and have an advantage in a multiple offer situation. It also allows you to close on your existing home after you close on your purchase. That way you can move in without the stress of staying in a hotel the night before closing and having all your belongings in a truck while you wait to close. Jeff believe in providing good options for those he represents…and this is something worth considering!

With knock, you can swap the house you have for the home you want.


● With a Knock Home Swap, you get the convenience, certainty, and cost savings of
buying the new home you want first and then selling your old one.
● Get a Knock Home Swap, and skip the stress and uncertainty of buying and selling a
house the old way.
● Knock is the smart way to buy before you sell.
● Swap the house you have for the home you want.
● Knock is the first contactless way to buy while you sell.
● Unlike traditional home sales, where you can miss out on your dream home while
waiting for your current house to sell, the Knock Home Swap gets you into your new
home first.
● Only Knock assists with the entire buying and selling process, from helping you find
and finance a new home, to covering home prep costs so you can sell your old house for
the best price.


● Convenience
You can buy a new home without having to sell the old one first, or at the same time.
Plus, you can live conveniently in your new home while prepping your old one for sale.
● Certainty
With a fully pre-approved mortgage, you can put down a strong, non-contingent offer
on your dream home, and win! You only pay your new mortgage—Knock covers the old
● Cost Savings
You only move once, saving on rent, closing costs, and moving costs. Plus, you’ll sell
your old house fast for top dollar with up to $25,000 in home prep costs covered


Before you list your house for sale, you can get up to $25,000 through your Home Swap™ to make
improvements on it, such as new flooring and paint, with the help of Knock’s Home Prep Concierge.


Having your own Concierge team
has its perks.




Save time and stress
with our team of experts behind you

We’ll work with you to obtain estimates, monitor
progress, and only pay contractors after you have
approved the completed work.


Manage home prep at ease from the
comfort of your new home

You’ll be in your new home before work starts on
your old place, so you won’t have to live with the
noise and mess of contractors in your house.


Gain peace of mind with no
out-of-pocket payments

Home improvements can add up quickly to pay
on the spot. With Knock, we advance up
to $25,000 on your behalf.


Take care of home improvements
in three easy steps.




Get your contractor and estimate

Select from our network of verified contractors,
or send us a qualified one of your own. Schedule
an onsite appointment with them, settle on
an estimate, and submit it to Knock for review


Start home prep on the old house

Once in your new house, work will start on your
old one. Knock will send out work orders and help
you schedule work as soon as you move out. You’ll
control the process but we will be here to help
you along the way


Finish home prep and
list with your agent

When the work is complete, let us know!
We’ll send you a final sign-off. Once signed, we’ll
pay your contractor and then you’re all set to put
your house on the market!

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Jeff Anderson Certified Knock Agent


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