Twin Cities has lowest unemployment rate in the nation

Twin Cities has lowest unemployment rate in the nation

Once again the Twin Cities is in the news. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Thursday November 30th that no other big metro area in the United States has a lower unemployment rate. Unemployment rate for the nation was 3.9% in October and only 2.3% in the Minneapolis-St Paul metro. That ties Nashville, Tenn. Metro for full employment.

The Twin Cities has a diverse economy with medical technology and information, leisure, hospitality, retail industries and many corporate headquarters located here.

A high level of education for the workforce and strong desire to work keep the unemployment low and with many industries attracted to our market because the quality of employees.

This unemployment rate is great for those living here and those looking to move here because there are so many job opportunities.

The statewide unemployment rate is 3.3% percent which is the lowest in 17 years and the jobless rate is falling faster in the state of Minnesota then any other in the nation.

Once again Minnesota is providing it is a great place to live and move to.

Jeff Anderson

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