Review of Perrons Sul Lago

Perrons Sul Lago front

Review of Perrons Sul Lago

Review of Perrons Sul Lago



Perrons Sul Lago restaurant is in Prior Lake. It is located on Main Ave SE in Prior Lake. Their website is under construction and not accessible at It is located at 16154 Main Ave SE, Prior Lake, Minnesota. They are open for dinner every day except Sunday when it is closed. Their number is 952-440-1411. It has a 4.6 rating on google reviews and 4.5 on TripAdvisor. Reservations are only available by calling in after 4:30 pm, this is not convenient for many diners.

You can dine in or take out. No delivery is available.

Perrons Sul Lago bar area Prior Lake

The interior is attractive and tasteful and has a bar area that many come in to and eat at with a more limited menu. It is not a large restaurant and offers a combination of booths and tables.

Perrons Sul Lago Prior Lake interior

I wish I could say here is the link to their menu, but their website is down and the menu online for them is not current.

Here is what we enjoyed…

  • Baked goat cheese and apple salad – also includes wallets and served vanilla bean vinaigrette for $9. This is so wonderful…I will get it every time! Order this 😊.
  • 22 oz Ribeye – This was so large I shared it. Wonderful piece of meat and so flavorful! Since it is big enough for two people the $42 price tag is a value. The steaks are not served with potato, vegetable, or salad.
  • Side of Wild mushroom risotto – they are known for their wonderful risotto. Priced at $8.
  • 10 oz Filet – this was the special and served with lobster risotto. It was delightful and priced $56.
  • Side dish of Asparagus – family size portion and was good. Priced at $9.
  • Basket of bread – yes they charge for it and it wasn’t great. Priced at $5.


The prices are fair but not cheap.

The service was exceptional…her name was Justine, and I would ask for her since she was very personable and attentive.

I give it four and a half stars **** out of five. The food is wonderful, the interior is attractive and cozy, the restaurant is in a business building and not an attractive and welcoming exterior, prices are fair but not cheap, the bathrooms were clean, and the service was exceptional. The lack of a website was annoying, especially for a restaurant of this quality.

Main Ave by Perrons Sul Lago Prior Lake

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