Restaurant Review Roasted Pear Burnsville

restaurant review Roasted pear burnsville

Restaurant Review Roasted Pear Burnsville

 Restaurant review Roasted Pear Burnsville, Minnesota


We visited the restaurant The Roasted Pear and this is my review.

Roasted Pear is located in Burnsville, Minnesota. At 14200 Nicollet Ave. It has a 4.2 Goggle rating with 708 reviews and a 3.5 out of 5 rating from yelp. It is a family-owned restaurant that is open 7 days a week. Conveniently located off County Road 42. Between Highway 35E and 35W.

Roasted Pear Menu


Our impressions


The two of us were given a comfortable booth by the window. It has a large bar in the center. You can easily see the open pizza preparation and oven cooking area. It has a reputation of having excellent pizza.  In addition, the kitchen is then in the rear. Our server was attentive and understanding. We had an issue with an entrée’ and she was very helpful.

The food

.Here is our selections and impressions.

Boneless Short Ribs

Roasted with Korean BBQ sauce.  And topped with pickled red onions and fried wonton strips. Served with masked potatoes. Unfortunately, I sent it back. Short rib was tough and not edible. They had no more short ribs for substitution.

9oz Montreal Sirloin

This was my replacement entrée’. Flavorful but chewy. Done correctly.

Cedar Plank Salmon

Atlantic salmon wood fired on a cedar plank. And topped with teriyaki glaze. This was wonderful and perfectly cooked.

Our Drinks

Diet Pepsi for 2.99 was fairly priced. I found $15.50 for a Bombay Martini to be outrageous.

Would I go there again?

Yes, I think so. The staff was very accommodating. I will want to try the pizza next time. I believe I will stay away from the red meat on the menu. But I will not return because of one bad meal. The location is very convenient. During the week you can just walk in. I suggest reservations for the weekends.

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