Process of looking for the right home

Process of looking for the right home

Process of looking for the right home

Process of looking for the right home

How do we start?

First, we need to determine what payment you are comfortable with. This will determine our price range. Next, we look at your wants and needs (like bedrooms and baths). Then, we determine what areas or school districts you would like to live in. Lastly, we determine our timeline.

What do we do next?

Now comes the house hunting. I create a home search for you that you notify you immediately of a new listing. In this market we look at homes as soon as time permits for you. We will be able to determine value a couple of ways. One, is viewing the current inventory and those correctly priced will stand out. Also, we look at comparable homes that have sold.

Getting an offer accepted?

 Once we have found the home that fits your guidelines and you want it. It’s time to write an offer. Some factors of an offer are sales price, closing date, down payment amount, earnest money amount, if any seller paid closing costs and more. These need to be gone over in detail since it is important to protect your interests.

Home inspection?

Very rarely is a home inspection not done. This professional 3rd party inspection gives you a clear understanding of the condition of the home. And how to maintain it in the future. Some additional elements of a home are a sewer line inspection and a radon test.

Appraisal, title work and final walk through?

Once we have an accepted offer, we then need the following. They do a title search to make sure we have clear title. The function of the appraisal is to determine value to be reasonable for a lender to provide a mortgage. Lastly, we review any work completed per the inspection and do a final walk through. Then we close on your new home!

Contact us

Please contact The Anderson Team with any questions. We are here to help educate you the process of looking for the right home.

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