Pet restrictions in Minnesota housing

Pet restrictions in Minnesota housing

Pet restrictions in Minnesota housing

Pet restrictions in Minnesota housing

Some housing in the State of Minnesota has pet and breed restrictions. Here is a summary.

· Condominiums: Pretty much all condos have pet restrictions. This can be no pets whatsoever (but they must allow for service animals no matter per State of Minnesota regulations and federal law). Or it can be a height and weight limit, a few have animal number limits and a breed restriction. When purchasing a condo, it will say in the MLS if there are restrictions and what they are. Sometime that information can be in error, so it is important to review the HOA documents. When you buy a condo with an HOA you have 10 days to review those HOA documents and if you find anything you do not like you can cancel the purchase agreement without penalty.

· Townhomes: They also have an HOA, and it is highly likely you have size, weight, number and maybe breed restrictions. It is important to review the by-laws and regulations to determine what is said in the MLS is indeed correct. It is very unusual for a townhome development to ban animals all together.

· Twin homes: Those are single family homes with a common wall. They do not usually have a HOA and would have no restrictions. If they do have a HOA, then the rules of a townhome would come into play.

· Single family homes: There are no restrictions for dogs and cats. The exceptions to that are dangerous animals or potentially dangerous animals. If you have a dangerous dog the animal control agency might need to issue a certificate of registration. See statute 347.51 for more information. The MN state laws prohibit city and counties from banning specific breeds.

· One side note…some insurance carriers do ban coverage for homeowners with certain breeds. This is unfortunate since an aggressive dog is almost always the fault of an aggressive owner. But insurance companies cannot tell if an owner is bad, so they penalize everyone, and the breed suffers a bad rap.

Please reach out to me if you have questions about pet owners in housing in Minnesota at 612-386-8600.

Look for more articles and videos in the future on different aspects of Minnesota real estate and our state of Minnesota.

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