My clients become my family

Jeff Anderson ordained minister

My clients become my family

My clients become my family


Over the course of over 30 years of selling real estate it has been my greatest pleasure to meet so many wonderful people and share in what is one of the most important decisions of their life. These relationships build a trust and bond that makes them my family and I look out for their interests.

With over 4,000 homes sold in my career I have a large family and love what I do. It isn’t work if you have this…it is part of who you are.

I’ll give you an example of how my clients became my family. Sam & Molly Johnson had me help them find a home. We are family. Then about a year after they closed on their home, they called me and asked if I could officiate their wedding.  Since I have never done it before I asked that they give me 24 hours to consider it. I researched how to get ordained and get licensed with the state of Minnesota and it seemed doable. I called them back and told them I would be honored. To be able to have a front row seat when they purchased their home and when they got married was something I will never forget.

This “work” journey in life we all have for some is nothing but a job, for some it is good and bad, but for me it is joyful since I am surrounded by family.


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