Minnesota Voted #1 State For Women

Minnesota Voted #1 State For Women

If you’re a woman in Minnesota or a woman considering a move to Minnesota, we have some great news for you. With high median earnings, low unemployment rates for women, lowest percentage of in poverty, high graduation rates for girls, and longer life expectancy you couldn’t be in a better location than Minnesota. When relocating to Minnesota, or anywhere for that matter, one of the factors highly taken into consideration is safety. If so, you’re in luck! In the spring of 2018 Minnesota was named as the best state in the U.S. for women. Our grand state collectively scored the highest through all of the carefully selected factors needed to take into consideration. Minnesota scored highest on women’s economic and social well-being. In addition to scoring in the top 3 for women’s safety and health. Let’s not forget, high graduation rates,higher income, and low uninsured rates also helped make Minnesota the No. 1 state for us ladies. In several past women-related studies, Minnesota ranked No. 2 best state for working moms, No. 2 best state to have a baby, and No. 4 for Women’s equality.
Specific indicators where Minnesota excelled were median earnings, coming injust behind the District of Columbia, and life expectancy, third after California and Hawaii.
In general, the Midwest seems to be a great location for women. Our neighbors: Wisconsin, Iowa, and North Dakota all ranked in the top 10.It is also worth mentioning that Minnesota was ranked as No. 2 in the country, overall. Minnesota is one of the very best places in the U.S. to raise a family, work, and live. Rest assured, if you’re considering relocating to Minnesota you’re on the right path to a life full of great opportunities and a great quality of life.
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Here’s the top 10 on the list:

1. Minnesota

2. Massachusetts

3. Vermont

4. North Dakota

5. Wisconsin

6. Maine

7. Hawaii

8. Connecticut

9. Iowa

10. New Hampshire

Source: WalletHub
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