Minnesota Science Museum – fun thing to do 

Minnesota Science Museum**

Minnesota Science Museum – fun thing to do 

Minnesota Science Museum – fun thing to do 


The Science Museum of Minnesota is in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Specifically, downtown Saint Paul.  https://www.smm.org/

What is The Science Museum of Museum?

Founded in 1907 as a nonprofit. It is staffed by over 600 employees. Also, has over 1,600 volunteers. The mission of the museum is to “Turn on the science: Inspire learning. Inform policy. Improve lives.”

In 1999 the new modern facility was opened adjacent to the Mississippi River. During the move 1.75 million artifacts were transported.

What exhibits are always in the museum?

Dinosaurs & Fossils

Features several originals and some replicated dinosaurs. As well as many complete and preserved animals. Some dinosaurs are Triceratops, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and Camptosaurus.

The Human Body Gallery

Shows the various tissues, organs and systems that make up the human body. There is a mummy on display.

The Experimental Gallery

Allows visitors to explore concepts in physics, and math. Also, physical and earth science with interactive displays.

Race: Are we so different?

First national exhibition to tell stories of race from biological, cultural and historic points of view. And offers an unprecedented look at race and racism in the United States.

The have an Omnitheater

It has a dual-screen IMAX/Omnimax theatre. Has a wall screen of IMAX files. And an incredible rotatable dome for viewing Omnitheater films. If you haven’t seen this…then well, you must. It is simply amazing!

What to see now

“Take a trip to the Moon”. This is both an Apollo exhibit and an Omnitheater show!

In conclusion

What a treasure we have!  So much culture and things to do in Minnesota. I suggest this for anyone who wants to experience something special. And the kids love it! See some of my restaurants reviews for places to go to dinner before. You might see me there!

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