Minneapolis is Strong in The Housing Market!

Minneapolis is Strong in The Housing Market!

Minneapolis is strong

Minneapolis is Strong!


Whether or not you’ve ever been involved in the real estate market you have certainly heard the timeless saying: location, location, location! The oldest, and quite possibly only factual, real estate mantra. Which makes sense, the location of your home really can make or break the equity of your investment. There are none better than the Twin Cities! Minneapolis is strong and steady within the housing market.


When you begin your search for a home there are a few questions you have certainly considered.

  • What makes some areas more ideal than their neighboring counterparts when buying a home?
  • What factors contribute to helping you, the potential home buyer, take the home buying leap?

Our focus is right here, in the beautiful Twin Cities.  Most noteworthy, Minneapolis is currently (right now!) a top contender for best example of how the housing market should be. That’s right, in the country!


Behind only the city of Chicago. Being the second major economy in the lovely Midwest, Minneapolis is behind only Chicago. This goes the same for Saint Paul. Minneapolis and Saint Paul hold this title alongside one another. Thus, creating a melting pot for diverse industries, in Minneapolis. This is definitely a great and encouraging effect on our local real estate market. With the Twin Cities’ solid economy being based on business, health, automotive manufacturing, and the electronics industry.


Minneapolis is Strong!


The real strength of the Twin Cities housing market is steadied by its hearty economy and very impressive job market. The broad spectrum of the well-paying jobs in the metro area has helped bring down the local unemployment rates. Rates are down to 2.6%! This is significantly below our country’s average of 4.0%. Furthermore, we can determine that the heartiness of Twin Cities economy and varied job market is the key component of supply and demand in the Twin Cities real estate market.

In closing, when you begin to search for a ideal location to purchase a home, you’ll naturally start on a larger scale. Beginning your search with the state followed by the city. All before jumping into thorough research into neighborhoods and an even smaller scale, streets. Wherever you are in your search give the Anderson Team a call today! We’d love to help you get started on the search for your dream home.



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FIND YOUR NEXT HOME HERE– https://www.mnrealestate.com/idx/listings/home-search/

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