Impacts of Home Ownership on Children

Impacts Of Home Ownership

Impacts of Home Ownership on Children

Impacts Of Home Ownership

Impacts of Home Ownership on Children

There are many common perks discussed when discussing whether or not the Impacts of Home Ownership on Children are worth it in equity. Considering it’s something to leave behind to your children if you should decide. Also, 100% decision making on renovations or even extended stay guests is also your decision. A huge topic of discussion we always come back to, our children. How we can set them up for a positive future? A more recently researched publication titled ‘Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing’ confirmed a time-honored belief of most Americans.

Owning a home is the aspiration of most American households. Consequently owning your home allows your household to accumulate wealth and social status. Therefore positive social, economic, family, and civic outcomes.

Next, let’s focus on some points from the previously discussed report. The focused segment is the portion that cited many studies with a focus on the impacts of homeownership on children. Further, we will discuss the effects on educational accomplishments.

Below are a few of the major findings discovered in the study

•The positive impact of homeownership on children is deciding to continue their education. Compared to their renter counterparts the numbers are higher for homeowners.

• Also, the impact of homeownership on children in a home in a low-income neighborhood has a proven to exhibit a positive effect on high school graduation rates.

•While having parents who own their own homes raises the educational outcome for the child(ren). The stability of neighborhoods also enhances positive outcomes.

•The children of those individuals who own their homes tend to exhibit higher levels of accomplishment in reading, mathematics, and even displayed fewer behavioral difficulties.

•Educational opportunities have consistently demonstrated to be more established in areas with higher rates of homeownership, and involvement within their communities.

•Generally, the child(ren) of homeowners are more likely to attain a higher level of education in addition to a higher level of earnings.   Commonly discussed is the financial benefits and upside to owning your home but as we can tell there is another major benefit to consider, there are social benefits to owning your home.

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