How to prepare your home to sell in Minnesota

How to prepare your home to sell in Minnesota

How to prepare your home to sell in Minnesota.

The real estate market is the same in many ways from other areas in the country, but also different. The buyer’s expectations are greater in the Twin Cities area that many others because people tend to generally take very good care of their homes here. In addition, our homes have basements and are built to higher standards since we have seasonal conditions that can be extreme.

Our real estate market is slowing down from the crazy spring we had and now it is even more important to prepare your home for selling. This is done for several reasons. To sell it quicker and to get the best price and terms.


What should you do? Here are a few general items to consider and do but I would have to visit your home to be property specific on the needs for your home. The list could be longer or shorter.

· First thing to consider is making it presentable. This means giving the entire house a thorough cleaning. Spotless kitchen and baths, cleaning

appliances, cleaning windows, cleaning carpets if needed and organizing storage areas and closets.

· Small repairs. This includes patches holes in the walls, making sure everything is in working order, lemon pledge squeaky door hinges and windows.

· Painting. This is your best return on investment for any house improvement. White, grays and creams make rooms seem bigger and give your home a fresh look. Also painting the front door is a must since it is an important first impression.

· Landscaping. De-weeding and adding mulch are important for curb appeal and first impression. Also, the better your home looks from the curb the more showings you will get.

· Declutter. “Less is more” when it comes to staging your home. Even if you must fill half or all your garage…do it!

· Depersonalize. Remove family photos, knick-knacks, banners of your favorite sport teams and deer heads and other personal items.

If you have any questions about who I recommended…do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope this blog on “How to prepare your home to sell in Minnesota” was helpful.


Look for more articles and videos in the future on different aspects of real estate and our state of Minnesota.

Real estate is a wonderful investment!

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