Benefits of starting your House Hunt now

Benefits of starting your House Hunt now

Start Your House Hunt

Benefits of starting your House Hunt now

The calendar might say winter but in Minnesota our spring season starts February 1st, historically right after the Super Bowl. By that time the promise of spring is enough to get us listing our house or shopping for a new home. Since so many buyers come into the market at that time it is a preferred time to get your house listed. The saying “Spring Buyer’s Season” refers to different times for different states, but here in Minnesota the housing market warms up in February.

Some Stats

Furthermore, the annual Home Buyer Insights Report, published by Bank of America, states that 41% of renters measured say  spring is the ideal time of year to start to house hunt and purchase a home.

Start Your House Hunt


Surprising winter comes in as a second at 24%, when measuring the ranks of each season. So the winter and spring season amounts to 65% of buyers think that is the time to buy!

One of the many factors that influence these percentages is that many families with school-aged children often want to move over the summer. This is to ensure that their little ones are ready for school in the fall.

Some Perks

Buying in the winter gives buyers the ability to find a home with less competition and optimistically less stress. It is important to also take into consideration the many benefits of putting your house on the market during the colder months as well. stated, planning and scheduling a move during the winter months comes with one very significant perk, the best pricing for the services you would seek.

It is important to remember, those looking to buy a home in the winter months are serious about moving. They are ready to find a new home. Generally, there is also historically not as much competition. This is ideal, it is absolutely what you want, it gives you more exposure to the buyers.

Above all, the ideal time to buy varies from family to family and what their ultimate needs are. The same can be said about moving.

If you a considering selling and/or buying this winter and spring season give the Anderson Team a call, we can help you every step of the way!







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