Great News Minnesotans, Our Market Is Strong!

Great News Minnesotans, Our Market Is Strong!

great news minnesotansGreat news Minnesotans and future Minnesotans, our beautiful twin cities, alongside our neighboring Wisconsin, made the top 10 list of strongest markets. Most noteworthy, this is a first for our beautiful state.

What moves you?

When you’re looking to make a big move what are some important factors you weigh? Is it school districts? Job opportunities? Housing availability? If you answered yes to any of the above then Minnesota may be the place for you!

Additionally, at just over 93%, Minnesota now has the highest recorded high school graduation rate. While also reflecting numbers at 74.4% for those who chose to attend post-secondary education. Both of these numbers are great news for Minnesotans!

This would explain how Minnesota was able to add 37,000 jobs over a year’s time. Our strong job market, which is steadily growing, is yet another factor to our ever-growing state population. Which has seen an increase of 7.3%.

What does this mean?

The Twin Cities metro area is a very solid seller’s market. There has been an influx of people interested in putting down roots in such a promising location. The month’s residual stock of houses available is at a mere 2.47. While only lasting on the market for 50 days- at max. Listings also saw a major difference, a decline of 16% in late autumn 2018. This is projected to continue well into the new year. Definitely a seller’s market, houses are flying off the shelves! Further establishing the greatness of our market, for Minnesotans.

Without the proper guidance, of an experienced real estate agent, this does make it quite difficult to find a home you would like to call home. Great news Minnesotans, with The Anderson Team, led by Jeff Anderson, you get decades of experience, knowledge in negotiations, and that long-time friend feeling with all interactions.

Don’t let today’s market, bidding wars, and the low (at times) inventory scare you. Your dream home is out there waiting for you!








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