Benefits of the Online Virtual World

Benefits of the Online Virtual World

Benefits of the Online Virtual World



A carpenter is better with the right tools. And we can better, both physically and mentally, with the proper tools during a pandemic. We are fortunate to have the benefits of the online virtual world as an option in isolation and the ability to take care of ourselves and communicate with family and friends.


What online tools can we use?


Communication is maybe the most important for our mental health. The ability to share thoughts and feelings with family and friends. What are some good apps for this?

1) FaceTime – for those that have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Apple computer this is a wonderful platform to stay in touch. Easy to connect since it is a simple option when you make a call. For best quality I would suggest being connected to a Wi-Fi network, but not required.

2) Google Duo – is essentially FaceTime on an Android phone. It is simple to use, and it is free.

3) Skype – This is the original FaceTime. You can video up to ten people. It is free. But it is also a little buggy.

4) Zoom – this is a video conferencing platform that works very well. My wife uses it to teach piano students. My family uses it to play Tuesday night Bingo with our in-laws that are in Senor Apartments. The basic plan is for free. It is also a great platform for business meetings.


What are some other options in this new online virtual world we live in?


Here are some ideas.

1) Online cooking classes

2) Online gambling

3) Online gym and Yoga classes – if you’re interested in this, I have a great suggestion for you. Just text or email me.

4) Online language courses

5) Online tours of destinations you want to travel to once we have some normalcy


It is special here in Minnesota


And one of those features that make it special is the people who live here. We can use the tools out there and do things, virtually meet people, and keep our sanity. We got this Minnesota!

Contact us if you need some suggestions for fun things to do. We love what the Twin Cities and Minnesota has to offer! And we have lots and lots of ideas for you.

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