Single Family Homes For Sale Minnesota

Over 5.6 million people call Minnesota home, with approximately 3.5 million residing in the Twin Cities alone. What makes Minnesota so special? We experience all four seasons – sometimes in just one day – and our state’s landscape is dotted with several thousands of lakes throughout. Picturesque rolling hillsides are found frequently, as well as discovering bluffs made of sandstone or shale overlooking rivers and cities. Going “up north” is a summer rite of passage, and people wind down on a cool fall evening around a bonfire.

We have an incredible and thriving arts scene: Minnesota is only second to New York City when it comes to theaters. We’re also home to the Walker Art Center, in Minneapolis, which features the famous “Spoonbridge and Cherry” sculpture, and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) often hosts amazing exhibits, as well as featuring works by well-revered artists like Claude Monet. Craft breweries have exploded here, too! The Twin Cities is home to Bad Weather Brewing Company, Bauhaus Brew Labs, Fulton, Surly Brewing Co., and many more.

The Twin Cities boasts an eclectic and artistic mix of architecture styles in every price point when it comes to single family homes. There are three main types of style: One-story/ranch, two-story, and split level. Within those, you can find many period homes throughout Minnesota such as:

Colonial Revival: Discerned by its boxy appearance and symmetrical front facade, Colonial Revival homes are often 2.5 stories with an accented and elaborate front door with evenly-spaced windows on either side of it.

Craftsman: A style made popular in the early 1900s that has an appreciation for natural woodwork, clean lines, built-ins, and quality craftsmanship. This type of home is found frequently throughout both Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Spanish Mission: Usually offers a white stucco exterior with red clay roof tiles and black wrought iron railings, the Spanish Mission style single family home can also be discerned by round arched entryways and windows, with ornate and complex details.

Cape Cod/Post-War Bungalow: After WWII, there was high demand for single family housing when soldiers returned home from war. This style of home is cozy and is commonly 1.5 stories, built primarily more for functionality than for artistry.

Tudor: A descendant of Medieval architecture, Tudor-style homes are generally characterized by their steeply pitched gable roofs, elaborate and eccentric doorways, and exposed wood framework visible between timbers filled with stucco or masonry.

Victorian: More of an era than a specific style, Victorian homes are very ornate with dollhouse-like exteriors and often have gabled roofs, round turrets, wrap-around porches, turned or round columns, and ornamental or stained glass.

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