Cutting Edge Marketing

Cutting Edge Marketing

Why is this important in the Twin Cities of Minnesota?

We have been told it is a seller’s market.

The answer is that in certain areas and certain price ranges that is correct so you need an expert to tell you where you fall in this crazy market. In addition there are many other considerations to consider…the time of year that you want to sell will help me determine the size of the buyer pool and possibility for multiple offers, what we need to do to the house before a hits the market can make 10’s of thousands difference in sales price and if the buyer does a home inspection, what staging is appropriate, pricing is both art and science…sometimes we price it a little lower than what we expect to sell at for because we know in that lower price it falls in a much larger buyer pool range and interest breeds interest and we get a higher sales price.

Those are just a few things to consider and The Anderson Team will walk you through that and much more.

What type of cutting edge marketing do you provide?

We have a comprehensive package of real estate leading marketing that we provide and in addition we customize other marketing approaches for each property that is unique to that price range, style and neighborhood.

One of these marketing materials is a professional “Movie” of the home…this is not to be confused with the slideshow video or move around the home with your cursor, no this is completed by a professional photographer and features a narrative. Same professional then photographs your home. This beautiful movie is then included in our Facebook campaign for your home, the email marketing campaign, our web page for your home that has a URL that is your address, Youtube video, then linked into craigslist ad and Adwords campaign and all that is just to showcase one aspect of our cutting edge marketing program.

When you are ready we sit down with you we will go over the entire marketing campaign for your house.