Why is a comprehensive marketing strategy so important?

Comprehensive marketing strategy

Why is a comprehensive marketing strategy so important?

What is comprehensive marketing strategy? Why is it so important when selling your home?


Having an agent with a comprehensive marketing strategy will get your home sold! There is an old saying in sales that “interest breeds interest”. This is especially true for selling your home!

Unfortunately, many discount brokerages advertise a low rate claiming your home will sell itself. However, they do nothing more for marketing other than put your home on the MLS. My experience in the industry suggests that is not in your best interest. It is very important to have your home listed throughout social media sites. We use sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook Business and Facebook Market Place. In addition we present in a professional comprehensive email campaign your home as well. As a result, having first class marketing materials can definitely help your home not only be seen by many more interested buyers,  but it presents it in a more professional light.

How does this matter?

If your home is showcased beautifully and there is greater interest, as a result, you get better offers (or multiple offers) and a higher sales price. That means the net effect of saving money with a discount broker might get you less for your bottom line.

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