What are the different styles of homes in Minnesota?

What are the different types of homes in minnesota

What are the different styles of homes in Minnesota?

What are the different styles of homes in Minnesota?


Different areas of the country have different style of homes. And unlike many south and west areas we usually have a basement. The west and south of the United States have expansive clay soil and basements are expensive and uncommon.

What are the different styles of homes in Minnesota?


1. Split entry home. This is the style where when you walk in you go up or down. This is the least expensive to build since you only have a partial basement.

2. Three-level home. This home has an upper level for bedrooms and maybe a living room, a main level for the dining room and kitchen, and lover level for a family room and bedroom. There are many variations of this type of home with larger the foundation sizes. Also, just has a partial basement.

3. Four or Five level home. This home is like the three-level home but has a basement under the kitchen and dining room.

4. Two-story home. Quite common for new construction since you are building up. You will find these on smaller lots in many new developments. Popular with families since you have 3 or 4 bedrooms up.

5. A rambler, ranch, or one-story home. This style is the most expensive to build since it needs a wider lot and has a much larger foundation and roof.

6. Side-by-side townhome. These are usually found on grade. They are in many cases entry level townhomes and offer great value in comparison to renting.

7. Detached townhome. This type of home is normally upscale in price because you need a larger lot. And the home is separated from others and has no common walls.

8. Twin homes. This is two homes connected by a common wall. You have no HOA and so each

half must agree to exterior projects. You better like your neighbor .

9. Those are the different styles of homes in Minnesota. If you have any questions just call me.


Look for more articles and videos in the future on different aspects of Minnesota real estate and our state of Minnesota.

Real estate is a wonderful investment!

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