What are some fall projects to consider now?

What are some fall projects to consider now?

What are some fall projects to consider now?

Now is the time that we as homeowners we must get our home ready for the winter. And, to do those projects that the cold temperatures will not allow.

What should we do?

Here is your to do list of “must do” fall projects.

· Time to clean out your gutters in so you have proper drainage and limit the possibility of ice dams.

· Winterize your sprinkler system.

· Winterize your outside faucets. This means turning off the water inside, bleeding the line and leaving the outside faucet open.

· Trim your bushes and trees. Time to not do it is in the spring when the sap is flowing.

· If needed re-caulk around the windows, doors and especially the skylights.

· Repaint any exterior siding or trim that is needed to protect your wood.

· Remove your screens and store them until spring.

· Clean your windows.

· Power wash your home.

· Clean and store your lawn and garden tools.

· Winterize your lawn mower. Good time to get the blades sharped.

· Prepare your snow blower for the winter season.

· Have your furnace inspected, cleaned, and tuned up for the winter season.

· Clean out your fireplaces and look to have your flue cleaned it your fireplace is a wood burner.

· Clean and place a cover on top of your AC unit.

· Check the exterior of your home for any location a pest can enter and fill with steel wool.

· Clean and cover your grill.


Our home is our castle, time to make sure it is ready for our harsh winter season. I’ll be also writing about what to do spring as we get near that time.


Please reach out to me if you have questions about housing in Minnesota at 612-386-8600. Look for more articles and videos in the future on different aspects of real estate and our state of Minnesota.



Real estate is a wonderful investment!

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