Try social dancing at Cinema Ballroom

Try social dancing at Cinema Ballroom

Try social dancing at Cinema Ballroom

Let me tell you about it.

Cinema Ballroom is located 1560 St. Clair Ave. in Saint Paul. It is just off Snelling Ave (East).

Cinema Ballroom was built with the goal of creating a fantastic dance community in the Twin Cities. Cinema Ballroom’s facilities, originally a movie theater built in the 1920s, was renovated by award winning architects to meet the dance studio’s high standards and needs. Cinema Ballroom opened its doors in July 2005. Since then, Cinema Ballroom has been recognized as one of the top dance studios in the Twin Cities and the nation. It features high caliber dance instructors for students that have an interest in learning to partner dance.

My connection.

As many of you are aware my daughter was competing nationally with Eric Hudson, one of the owners and a nationally recognized/highly awarded dancer and instructor, throughout her last years of college. Upon graduating she decided to follow her dream and turn professional in ballroom dancing and teaching. I was her first student and have danced ballroom national events for numerous dances. She certainly makes me look better than I am! I started with Waltz, Tango and Fox Trot and now am trying nightclub dancing like the Hustle, Salsa, Rumba, etc. I have found Cinema Ballroom to be a wonderful place to learn and practice. They also have social dance nights that are open to the public and first-class productions and competitions that feature their students and instructors.

Is it hard?

I have heard all the reservations about why not to do it…two left feet, I have no rhythm, etc. and have found that simply is not the case. Their instructors, like my daughter Georgie Anderson, are outstanding and make the learning process fun and easy. Combine that with the social night dancing that it is open to just come and dance, and you will gain confidence so quickly it will surprise you…I promise!

Up and coming event.

Sometime in the near future you will hear about a social night that myself and Cinema Ballroom will be sponsoring. We will have dance instructors there and it will be an hour group lesson to learn the “Hustle” which is so fun and easy to dance. With that dance you can go out to a club or dance most songs at a wedding. Trust me, you will learn the basics in that hour and be surprised at what you are able to do!

Other events and personal instruction.

After this first event we will move on to another night later in the summer that features a type of dance you can do at a wedding or night club. You are also able to schedule a private lesson with Georgie or Dustin to further your level of skill and enjoyment. Some might like to also dance in area Dance Events. There are so many options available to you.

Our Hustle event.

We will have some raffle prizes! Also, there are area restaurants to walk to if you wanted it to make it a date night. We will highlight those in the invite.

Look for your invite and you can cross learning to dance off your bucket list!


Next week we will talk about another aspect of what is great in Minnesota.

Honestly if you cannot find something fun to do in the State of Minnesota all year long…then you are not looking!


We have so many fun things to do in Minnesota…even in a pandemic! If you need some ideas for fun things to do just give me a call or email me.


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