The importance of Memorial Day

memorial day post

The importance of Memorial Day

The importance of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is an American Holiday that became official in 1971. Before that it was not a Federal Holiday and originated right after the Civil War and called Declaration Day.


Many of us visit cemeteries, hold family gatherings to honor those members we have lost and visit parades. Waterloo, New York is the official birthplace of Memorial Day.


Memorial evolved to honor, respect and remember all American personal who died during conflicts, Military operations and wars including both World Wars, The Vietnam War, The Korean War and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


We wear a red poppy in remembrance of those who have fallen. That is a tradition that began with a World War I poem.


So many forget what it has cost this great nation of ours to protect our country and our freedoms and just view Memorial Day as the start of summer or a time to take weekend trips or throw parties. Please let all you know what it really means and take time at 3pm on Monday (Memorial Day) to have a moment of silence and say are prayer for those that give everything for us and their families who live with that incredible loss.


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