Review of yum! Kitchen and Bakery

yum! Kitchen and Bakery

Review of yum! Kitchen and Bakery


Review of yum! Kitchen and Bakery


yum! Kitchen and Bakery is located throughout the Twin Cities but the one I visited is located at 164 Snelling Ave N in St. Paul. It is open daily from 8am to 8pm. There website is .

They received a 4.5 on 286 google reviews and 4.3 on Facebook with 922 reviews.

The building is only a few years old and is beautiful inside and out. Very open, and very welcoming.


yum! Kitchen and Bakery

I just stopped in to grab donuts and a cookie but my daughter has visited it many times and has always enjoyed the food very much.

The staff was very friendly and welcoming. Smiles all around!


yum! Kitchen and Bakery

Here is what we had to eat…

  • Ranger cookie – Might be the best cookie I have ever had! $2.95. Had this before so no photo here.
  • Woodbury mixed berry scone – outstanding! Loved all the berries in it and so moist but yet flaky – perfect. $3.75.
  • Gluten free peanut better (their spelling not mine. Lol) cookie – I was told it was wonderful and a real treat. $2.50.
  • Coconut cupcake – moist and lots of coconut flavor, perfect for those that love coconut! $4.25.
  • Chocolate cupcake – moist and wonderful frosting. I believe the frosting is made with cream cheese – yum! $4.25.

yum! Kitchen and Bakery

The bathroom was nice and exceptionally clean. I enjoy an open kitchen like this because you can see how clean it is. Gives you peace of mind.

I give it 4.5 stars **** out of five. The food was excellent, service was excellent and filled with smiles, atmosphere was fun and open! I didn’t give it 5 stars because you have to attempt to find parking on the street or park in a ramp in the next block.

I hope you found my blog review of “Review yum! Kitchen and Bakery” helpful. Look for more blogs on all aspects of Minnesota, real estate, and the world around us.

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