One of the best times ever to sell your home!

One of the best times ever to sell your home!

One of the best times ever to sell your home!

The start of 2022 has turned out to be an exceptional time to sell your home. Historically, maybe the best in over 30 years.

Why is that? Our inventory of homes is 4,400 listings for the seven-county Twin Cities area. That’s a housing inventory for over 3.2 million people. Of those 4,400 homes 38% is new construction and over half of those are yet to be built. So, our real inventory is substantially less. Compare that to 2009 when we had a half million less population in the Twin Cities area and we had over 36,000 homes on the market to sell. This is basic economics – strong demand and limited supply.

But how can I sell when I don’t have a home to buy? I have a wonderful program which allows you to buy before selling your home, and here is the link to my webpage with additional info on it Home Swap. This way you can make an offer without it being contingent on selling your home, taking some major stress out of the homebuying process and having a competitive offer.

Can I get top dollar for my house? Absolutely, we have an industry leading marketing program and we will get you top dollar and agreeable terms that fit your needs! Click here to see our marketing program. Selling Your Home

We can make this real estate market work for you…just reach out to me to discuss the process.


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