Minnesota Museums to Visit

Minnesota museums to visit

Minnesota Museums to Visit

Minnesota Museums to Visit for Fun

Our museums are a national treasure. This is part of our wonderful quality of life here in Minnesota. Check out all the Minnesota Museums to visit.

Here is a summary of a few of our wonderful museums

Science Museum of Minnesota

The Science Museum is the most popular museum in the upper Midwest. The Science Museum is focused on technology, natural history, physical science and mathematics. Formed in 1906 for “the intellectual and scientific growth of St. Paul. In 1999 it was opened in the new facility adjacent to the Mississippi River. One of the features I like the best is the Omnitheater. It is a dual screen IMAX theatre. It features a series of amazing movies and informative films throughout the year. Finally, this is a must see for Minnesota Museums to visit for people of all ages!

Minnesota History Center

Minnesota History Center is a museum and library. It serves as the headquarters of the Minnesota Historical Society. Opened in 1992. It has over one million artifacts. Including books, paintings, print, drawings and much more. The Center hosts concerts, dance performances and lectures. Over 75,000 children visit the history center each year.

The Walker Art Center

The Walker Center is one of the most-visited modern and contemporary art museum in the United States. In addition, it also includes the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  In particular might be why over 700,000 people visit it each year, myself included. There permanent collection includes over 13,000 modern and art pieces. Namely, books, costumes, drawings, paintings, prints, photography and sculpture. The live performances here are nationally acclaimed. Moreover, this is not only a Minnesota but national treasure. So much to touch and see here!

Bell Museum of Natural History

Bell Museum of Natural History is located on the University of Minnesota’s St Paul campus. I visited this when it opened in the new facility in 2018. Has a 120-seat digital planetarium. I found the amount of collections overwhelming. There are more than 4 million specimens. If you’re interested you can do research in their databases of over 400,000 scientific records. In addition, it also has 175,000 high-resolution images. A science minded person’s dream.

Minneapolis Institute of Art


Minneapolis Institute of Art was founded in 1883. Obviously over time it has become quite popular with over 90,00 works of art. Representing 5,000 years of world history. More than 500,000 people visit each year. In fact, it includes paintings, photographs, prints and drawings. In addition, there is textiles, architecture and decorative art. Features one of the finest and most comprehensive Asian art collections in the United States.

My visits

I have visited all these museums. All are first class and worth of an entire day of viewing. We are truly fortunate to have such assets in our community. I recommend you visit all of them. A FIVE STAR rating!

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