Living in Minnetonka Minnesota and the benefits

Living in Minnetonka Minnesota

Living in Minnetonka Minnesota and the benefits

Living in Minnetonka Minnesota


The History of Minnetonka

Minnetonka is a second-tier suburb of Minneapolis. Located west eight miles of Minneapolis. Name came from the Dakota Sioux mni tanka, meaning “great water”. Finally, it was founded in


Is Minnetonka rated as a good place to live? rated Minnetonka an overall A+ rating. What’s more Money magazine rated Minnetonka the 85th best place to live in the nation.

Some general information I have found about Minnetonka

Home of Cargill, the country’s largest privately-owned company. As well as home to United Health Group.  Also, part of the city includes the eastern tip of Lake Minnetonka. Which is one of the largest lakes in Minnesota. With out a doubt, one of the most popular.  For this reason, Minnetonka is popular with families because of highly rated schools. As a results Minnetonka has a population of 52,102. They enjoy 49 lovely parks. Additionally, the unemployment rate is 2.3%. And the median home price is $340,000. The median age is 44.8 years old. Also, the drive time is 18 minutes form Minnetonka to downtown Minneapolis. Lastly, the median income is $80,068.

How are the schools in Minnetonka?

There are three highly rated school districts that service Minnetonka. First is the Hopkins school District-number 270. Second is Minnetonka Public School district-number 276.  Lastly, the Wayzata School District-284.

My conclusion

To summarize, I have found Minnetonka to be a very popular suburb. Next, it features highly rated schools. As well as lots of parks and community activities. Furthermore, it enjoys the wonderful Lake Minnetonka. And all the recreation Lake Minnetonka has to offer. I suggest considering Minnetonka if you’re planning on moving to the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

All homes for sale in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

For your convenience I have included a link here to see all the homes listed for sale in Minnetonka.

I hope you have enjoyed my summary on Minnetonka. Please reach out to The Anderson Team if you require more information. Or would care to see some of the homes in this wonderful suburb.

Minnetonka Homes For Sale

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