Future home features we will need to consider in Minnesota

Future home features

Future home features we will need to consider in Minnesota

Future home features we will need to consider in Minnesota.

With technology continually changing our lives here is a list of features we should consider for our new home.

Let us start with what we drive. Electric cars and trucks are getting more affordable and available. At the current price of gas, you could lease an electric car and the savings in gas cost could be more than your lease payment. So, you are helping the environment and your pocketbook. You also get a $8,500 tax credit for an electric vehicle. This means you will need a 220 amp plug in your garage to plug in your electric vehicle plug that comes with your car/truck/SUV. In addition, have a 50amp breaker added to your circuit breaker box that goes to the 220 volt plug because that will give you the fastest available charge.

Since the world has changed the last two years security is something on our minds. This includes outside motion lighting, smart security system, video doorbells, exterior video monitoring, and smart locks.

The buzz word now is “integration” and putting everything together to have a fully integrated smart house. You can then control lights, music, create a shopping list with a smart kitchen, have temperature control, health alerts, and all of this is connected to your WIFI. I suggest high speed internet (one gig) to enable all those features and what new features that will come up.

What else could we see in the near future…artificial intelligence for your home will certainly come in our lifetime and that might include it anticipating our needs like cleaning, cooking, heating or cooling the interior of our car before we leave, reminding us of tasks, appointments or to take pills, will feed our pets, tell us the weather forecast and recommend clothing, and many more items that don’t yet come to mind. Does this sound like science fiction to you? Well, look for this integrated home to be available within ten years!

One thing to remember of technology is that it is here to help us and not replace us. So make your future technology decisions based on merit not how cool it is.

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