Fun Thing to Do Ice Fishing in Minnesota

Fun Thing to Do Ice Fishing in Minnesota

Fun Thing to Do Ice Fishing in Minnesota

Fun Thing to Do Ice Fishing in Minnesota

As you can image, Minnesota has some of the best ice fishing in the United States. Minnesota has 150,000 license holding anglers that go back to the lakes once they freeze. They catch everything from Walleye to Northern Pike, to panfish to eelpout. Many of the bays of area lakes turn into an overnight village complete with fish houses, lighting and laughter that comes with this social winter sport.

What things are the essentials to ice fish.,

· Auger

· Slush scoop

· Rods/reels/line

· Tip ups with line

· Tackle assortment

· Bait bucket

· Safety picks

· Warm clothing

· Needle-nose pliers

What else is important to have fun ice fishing in Minnesota? You need a license, dress in layers, and stay warm, maybe read a fishing guide and here is a link to one travel guide so you know where to go. I suggest visiting the explore Minnesota website for all kinds of helpful tips HERE

The popular event with ice fishing in Minnesota is a heated fish house is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. You just must experience it to appreciate it. And of course, bringing your snow mobile to the lakes is just frosting on the cake.

There are more than 150 Minnesota resorts that rent ice-fishing houses

There are even Ice Fishing Festivals around the state that have serious cash and prizes for best fish. They pull in about 10,000 anglers.

Next week we will talk about another aspect of what is great in Minnesota.

Honestly if you cannot find something fun to do in the State of Minnesota all year long…then you are not looking!


We have so many fun things to do in Minnesota…even in a pandemic! If you need some ideas for fun things to do just give me a call or email me.

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