Buying in the city verse the suburbs

Buying in the city verse the suburbs

Buying in the city verse the suburbs

Buying in the city verse the suburbs


What is the benefit of city living?

The nightlife, the art and music. The variety of delicious foods. The excitement the city offers. You never run out of things to do. Over 80% of Americans live in an urban setting. And the growth of cities has increased over the past decades.

Some pros – Lots of job opportunities. Cheap to get around. So much to do. Lots of food options.

Some cons – The city is expensive. Air and noise pollution. Higher crime rates. Poorer public schools. Density.

What is the benefit of living in the suburbs?

Fresh cut larger lawns. Neighbors walking their dogs. Kids playing at nearby playgrounds. Good schools. Some space and the feel of the country. We all know air quality is better outside the city, but it is also better for you mentally. You are far less likely to suffer from psychiatric disorders. It is a safer environment. And as a result, can be a better place to raise a family.

Pros of the suburbs – Lower cost of living. Get more house for your money. Plenty of space for pets and kids. Lots of parks and places outside to run and play. Good schools.

Cons of the suburbs – The longer commutes. Being stuck in traffic. Less stuff to do. Less convenience. Boring to some people. Less good restaurants and less restaurants in general.

I hope you found this helpful about buying in the city verse the suburbs

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. Those are some of the most common. But they are other circumstances too where the buyer will receive their earnest money back.

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