Budget friendly house improvements

Budget friendly house improvements

Budget friendly house improvements?

What are some relatively inexpensive budget friendly house improvements we can make to improve our home enjoyment and/or improve resale value.

1. First and foremost is paint. Updating your home with a fresh coat of paint with a current, popular color is the most cost-effective improvement you can do. BUT I have seen a home wrecked by a terrible paint job. So, tape off all trim and ceilings and be careful to do a good job. I suggest using a high-quality paint because it requires less coats and is easier to brush on. For many painting the front door changes the look of the home.

2. Update lighting. The dining room and kitchen lights are the first to be updated. These are in areas that you see most. Many baths have the older strip lights of chrome and brass. It makes a huge visual improvement to change them out. I suggest replacing the lights in a family of lights that are all the same style. This includes hall

lights. Some under counter kitchen strip lights are also a nice touch and you can work off the microwave outlet.

3. Wall mirrors. Another good option is that many of our baths have the older wall mirrors. If your painting the bath, then removing that wall mirror and replacing it with an inexpensive framed wall mirror is a nice improvement. Gives the bath a much more updated look.

4. Some other options that are more expensive but can make a big visual difference is backsplash in the kitchen, change out old faucets in kitchen and baths and blinds and rugs in the home.

In conclusion, budget friendly house improvements not only improve your home environment but also are cost effective when you sell your home.


Look for more articles and videos in the future on different aspects of real estate.

Real estate is a wonderful investment!


Jeff Anderson The Anderson Team RE/MAX Results


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