Best place to buy steak for grilling

Best place to buy steak for grilling

Best place to buy steak for grilling

The average temperature now in the Twin Cities is 37 degrees now. I am sure many of you are the same as me and have started grilling already. I have been to many places that offer meat for sale and here are my favorites and why I like them. Who make the cut (pardon the pun)?


· Top of the list is Costco meats. Their New Year Strips are a perfect grilling steak and priced around 11 dollars a pound. Also, the filets are slightly more. The quality is excellent, and you do have to buy 4-5 steaks. I suggest just cooking what you need and freezing the rest. But how do you cook a frozen steak? Here is what I do for impressive results…turn on grill to full heat and bring to maximum temperature, put steak on frozen and deep brown both sides (searing it) then turn the heat down to 300 degrees and slow cook the steak 15 minutes on both sides. This will give you about a medium rare steak. You can also call me for specifics for the size of steak you are cooking.

· Next best is Lund’s & Byerly’s meat department. I suggest waiting for their steak sales because they are 27-30 dollars a pound. They age their meat, and the quality is the best you can find.

· Lastly, I recommend Von Hanson’s Meats. They are friendly, give great advice and have particularly good quality meats. Their prices are just below Lund’s & Byerly’s. I suggest sticking with those three for your best results. Other options might be small town butchers or neighborhood meat markets. I have not had good experience with meat markets of Sam’s Club, Cub, or Target. Nothing is quite like grilling your meat and even this time of year we can do it and it tastes wonderful!

I hope you found my blog “Best place to buy steak for grilling” helpful.


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