Being Creative During Shelter in Place

being creative with shelter in place

Being Creative During Shelter in Place

Being Creative During “Shelter in Place”

Adversity creates opportunity. In this time of forced confinement I have some ideas to try that might improve the quality of your life today and moving forward. This is an opportunity to be more than we currently are. It’s an example of picking a goal, but enjoying the journey! None of these are impossible to do, but pick one, give it a try, then maybe try another. “Try it, you’ll like it”.

How to be creative while in “shelter in place”

My first suggestion, try a language. I’m starting with this one since I believe it to be the most overwhelming one for so many. Especially us in the United States who only know English. I personally took French in college but found it difficult, math was so much easier for me. But as the world is opening up and we meet so many with so many different backgrounds and stories, it’s time. So I’m going to start learning Spanish. I suggest one of two platforms.

  1.  Rosetta Stone – . They offer a lifetime of unlimited languages for $199.00 (24 languages) and until June 30th for online live tutoring that is helpful.
  1. Babbel – . Try it for 6 months for only 33.90.

My second suggestion is try out new cooking menus and methods. I’m sure you all have your special dish. Well, now is the time to try to add some ‘favorites’ to your repertoire. This can also be trying new items on the grill. As an example just about everyone has tried hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. So, how about my favorite grill steak…the New York Strip. Best place to buy it? Costco meat department. For $7.99 a pound you get a wonderful quality steak (that’s the price of fancy hamburger at Byerly’s/Lund’s) You will have to buy a package of 4-5 steaks. But individually freeze those you don’t use for later. Try tenderizing it before cooking, add Montreal Steak seasoning to both sides and cook on a very hot grill for about 7 minutes a side. After awhile you will be able to tell by the firmness on the grill how done it is. Not too soggy is medium rare. Let the Steak cool for 10 minutes after you take it off the grill to enhance the flavor.

  1. Other suggestions…google “best cooking videos” and there is lots of great ideas!

My third suggestion is training your dog. Just 30 minutes a day on simple commands like “stay” and “come” and to “stay down” will provide lifelong benefits. I suggest using training treats like Zuke’s MINI Naturals. Less than 3 calories a treat and no corn, wheat or soy. Made in the USA. Training while you walk your dog gives you exercise too. Google “dog training videos” for techniques and suggestions.

The list of suggestions is long…others include try a hobby like golf, a craft, take up painting or drawing and take business or personal development courses online.

It is special here in Minnesota

And one of those features that make it special is the people who live here. Let’s take this opportunity to make ourselves more than we were pre-pandemic. We got this Minnesota!


Contact us if you need some suggestions for fun things to do. We love what the Twin Cities and Minnesota has to offer! And we have lots and lots of ideas for you.

Just call me.

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