What can 30 years of real estate experience do for you?

What can 30 plus years of real estate experience do for you

Real estate is a complex, legal transaction that has many moving parts. How can a seasoned, experienced and successful real estate make a difference in our sale or buying of a home?

First, the average purchase agreement is about 40 pages long and this isn’t something someone just emails you with DocuSign with little or no explanation. This is a legal and binding contract that is complex and many issues need to be discussed so it is essential you have a clear understanding of your responsibilities and what the other parties duties are under the contract. By having a total understanding of the contract it gives you an advantage in the negotiation process and if there are any post-closing issues. When you are involved in multiple offers, on either side of the transaction, 30 years of experience is priceless in framing the offer to your advantage.

Second, an agent provides real value if he knows the neighborhood, comparable housing values, appreciation rates, area amenities like schools, shopping, proposed area improvements and future trends. Jeff prides himself on being an “information broker” so you can make informed decisions.

Third, building and construction knowledge. It is quite common that someone gets taken in by cosmetic improvements when there are countless issues that are ignored. The same can be said when selling a home and good advice that addresses the proper improvements that should be made prior to listing to ensure not losing the buyer during the inspection process and not having post-closing legal issues is so important. 30 years of experience gives you the edge.

Fourth, 30 years of contacts in the service and construction industry for reasonable and quality work is invaluable. Jeff’s vast list of the best in each industry is so helpful when getting your home ready to sell and also buying a home and having improvements done. In many cases these contractors will wait to closing to get paid and that is so helpful when dealing with an estate or special circumstance. Jeff prides himself on a high level of service and demands the same from any contractor he has ever used or recommends.

Fifth, the power of effective marketing. While this is primarily a sellers benefit it is something that needs to be talked about. Jeff had the second real estate website in the Midwest, the first school website and the first relocation website and throughout the last 30 years he continues to be a leader in new and effective marketing products that assist in helping his clients realize a higher asking price and quicker sale.

Sixth, knowledge is power. With over 4,000 closed homes Jeff’s knowledge of how to handle inspection issues, recognizing and dealing with title issues, experience in dealing with difficult buyers and sellers that are across the table in the transaction, experience with poor lenders and lender issues and having an understanding of the lender process that sometimes exceeds the lender themselves helps keep sales together and gets them closed and lastly Jeff has the experience of knowing all aspects of the closing process and how that needs to be handled.

Seventh, why not have the power and advantage of experience on your side?

What can experience do for you