What is a Twin home?

what is a twin home

What is a Twin home?

What is a Twin home?



A twin home is much like a duplex. But it shares a center wall. And looks like two identical houses. Some people confuse it with side-by-side townhomes. A twin homeowner is responsible for the maintenance and insurance on their side of the lot.

What are the benefits of a twin home?

It comes down to cost. You receive some benefits of a single-family home. But normally it costs much less. Also, you have no HOA fees. This can give you more square footage at a more affordable price.

What are some of the negatives of buying a twin home?

A major issue to many is the maintenance of each side. One side can paint their home a color like hot pink. But the other side has no recourse. In addition, if both sides need a new roof and only one side does it. That includes windows, garage doors, front doors, siding, etc. Well, you then have unattractive curb appeal for your side. It can be very difficult to have matching sides. And if you have a good situation with the other side – that can all change when they sell. Dogs have no restrictions for numbers or barking. You have no rules for property and cars in the front or the back of the home. Lastly, if your neighbor likes loud music or talks loudly…get earplugs!

Should I consider a twin home?

The cost savings can be significant. You can get more house for your money. But please make this decision with your eyes wide open! We can assist you by showing you examples of the good and bad situations. We provide you with good information to make good decisions.

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