What are the different styles of homes in Minnesota

What are the different styles of homes in Minnesota

What are the different styles of homes in Minnesota?


Unlike many areas of the country our homes have basements and are built to higher standards since we have seasonal conditions that can be extreme. We have an assortment of styles. I will review them by cost to build. Generally, this is the least to most expensive single-family homes

· House on slab – These is not the norm for Minnesota and offers no protection from tornados and high winds. Without the cost of a basement, they are the cheapest to build.

· Split-entry homes – They have only a partial basement and in many times a tuck-under garage. As the result the are less expensive to build. Common entry level home.

· Three-level – This style has only a portion of the basement below grade. Normally larger than a front split entry. In many cases the kitchen and dining room are on the main level, bedrooms up and family room and a bedroom and bath down.

· Four-level – This is the same as a three-level but has a fourth level that is fully under grade.

The extra full basement makes it more expensive than a comparable three-level.

· One and a half story – Similar to a two-story but the upper level has ceiling limitations since the roof comes down to the side of the first story ceiling. Creates a V-shaped room upstairs.

· Two-story – Has a full basement (can be a walkout or daylight) and then two stories of finished living above. Very common plan for those that needs 3-4 bedrooms on one level.

· One-story – Also known as a ranch or rambler, this style has the largest basement and roof size. It also needs the widest lot to fit the large foundation. Those factors all make it the most expensive to build.

Different communities have a larger number of different styles…like one-levels in Bloomington and one and a half stories in St. Louis Park. If you are looking for a particular style just let me know and I can create a home search for you!


I hope this blog on “different styles of homes in Minnesota “helpful.


Look for more articles and videos in the future on different aspects of real estate and our state of Minnesota.


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