Well, you did it! You’re a homeowner…now what?

Well, you did it! You’re a homeowner…now what?

well you did itWell, you did it!

Well, you did it! Welcome to the world of being a homeowner. Buying a home offers plenty of benefits for you, as well as your family. In addition to the benefits, it’s a smart investment! Chances are if you’ve just purchased a home you are already well aware of these positives. And while it has a plethora of positives there are a few things you should try to prepare for, as best as possible.

Now that you own your home there is no one to call, like a landlord or property manager, for help if something should break. This is NOT a scary blog, it’s a helpful one. Let’s take some time to discuss some tips and tricks on preparing, as a homeowner, for some things that can come your way- nothing unexpected.


Tips and Tricks!

A place for everything, and everything in its place:

During the homebuying process you surely noticed that there was a great deal of paperwork involved. Before you even move into the house you should get a binder, accordion folding, or whatever process would be best for you to keep all of your home’s important documents safely together. All in one place that can be easily located if needed.

Some important items to keep in this would be insurance documents, title work, or your mortgage agreement. A few others that would be handy to have on hand would be warranty documents and even receipts for home improvements. These can be helpful during tax time.


Holding off on large projects is A-Okay:

Home improvement projects are quite spendy, we know this. So, give yourself some time and see how the house comes along. If thigs come up, you’ll know just how-to setup your priorities. Waiting will also give you some time to save up for those pricey projects.

The caveat to this is, that small projects like carpet and paint should be done before moving in, if possible.


Take it one step at a time:

When you’re ready to start some home improvement projects do so one at a time. Rushing to do all projects at once will create a very hectic living environment and can cause you undo financial stress.

Sit down and draft a remodel plan. This will keep everyone sane and happy!


Sometimes, just sometimes, emergencies happen:

One of the best tips out there, when you become a home owner is, start an emergency home savings fund as soon as you are able. This money should not be dedicated towards any home renovation projects, simply for emergencies.

The older your home is or becomes, you’re more likely to be faced with heating, plumbing, or any other issues.


Turn out that light!

This one is simple, owning your own home means you’re paying your own utilities. Be mindful of the energy efficient products out there. A few things that can help: switch to LED energy efficient bulbs, lower the water heater down to 120 degrees, and if possible look into an energy audit.


Won’t you be my neighbor

Having an unruly neighbor can make for unpleasant living situation and nobody wants that. In an effort to avoid this take the first step and introduce yourself to your neighbors. This is not a guarantee but it’s a great step in the right direction. Building a relationship with your neighbors can even come in handy when you’re out of town, built in safety. Who wouldn’t love that! You could also pick their brain about reliable contractors and repair companies. Who knows, you may even be able to borrower a cup of sugar.

The best possible outcome to introducing yourself to your neighbors, you can also make a life-long friend.




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