Volstead House Restaurant Review

Volstead House Restaurant Review

Volstead House Restaurant Review

Volstead House Restaurant Review in Eagan

We visited the Volstead House in Eagan, Minnesota. And this is my review.

You can find Volstead House I Whiskey Bar & Speakeasy at https://www.volsteadhouse.com/ at 1278 Lone Oak Road. You need to go into Burgers and Bottles in order to get there. It has a 4.4 Goggle rating with 672 reviews  https://www.google.com/search?q=volstead+house&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS787US787&oq=volstead&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l7.3927j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x87f62c4a49a3c387:0xf8cd89d520882a41,1,,,.

My impressions

Hard to find. The location off Lone Oak Road and no signage from the street. You need to go into Burgers and Bottles and go to the back. Then go through the velvet curtain.

Open from 3pm to 11-1pm, depending on the day. They take no reservations and it is pretty much full when it opens at 3pm. I was there at 5:05 on a Wednesday and waited two hours to get a table! They have bar height tables and comfortable booths. If you’re lucky the bar is first come first serve so maybe no wait for that. In the summer you can use the attached fenced in patio. We found the bar service fast and friendly. The hostess helpful and pleasant. And the table service was slow and not attentive.

The food & drink

Here is their food and drink menu http://www.volsteadhouse.com/assets/VolsteadHouse_WebMenu2020.pdf You will rarely ever find a larger selection of liquor. The selection goes up to the ceiling and covers an entire wall. Just a heads up…they don’t have Bailey’s cream.

Here is our selections and impressions.


Cheese curds

Done just right. Served with a house berry jam – which was different. But not great.

Chicken Wings

With a bourbon glaze. Good quality and quite flavorful. Portion was generous.

Steak Bites

They asked how we wanted them done. We asked for medium rare. They came very well done. They came on a small plate in a pile mixed with onions. That’s not as described on the menu. Ok flavor, but terrible presentation and was way overcooked. I would never order this again. Also, the portion was very small. Two thumbs down for this one.


I think I’ll give it another try. The room itself was fun. I hope I have better luck with a burger or pizza. Hopefully the service is better. And the wait to get in is much less than two hours.

Need a dinner idea?

If you need a dinner suggestion just reach out to me. I have lots of great options for you to try! Either in Minneapolis, Saint Paul or surrounding suburbs.

Jeff Anderson – The Anderson Team


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