Vivo Kitchen Review

vivo apple valley

Vivo Kitchen Review

Restaurant review of the week- Vivo Kitchen


This restaurant is located in Apple Valley. It offers country club like atmosphere with numerous fireplace and large patios that overlook a pond and trails. The bar area is well laid out and is also a welcoming area. It features an open kitchen, and menu changes with the season. We had a collection of appetizers, and is my reviews.

Curry Chicken Satay– great flavor and chicken was of above average quality                                

Ahi Tuna Crisps – one of my favorites – great taste and presentation – sushi grade tuna!

Calamari – must be great for me to like Calamari and that is what you have here

Parmesan Shrimp – number one favorite on the menu! Especially like the lemon garlic aioli dipping sauce!


Had a wonderful time…if you do dinner the desserts are the best part of the MENU!



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