Vacationing on a lake is part of our Minnesota culture

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Vacationing on a lake is part of our Minnesota culture

Vacationing on a lake is part of our Minnesota culture


The “land of 10,000 lakes” has 11,842 lakes and over 111,000 cabins on lakes and 80 percent of those are owned by Minnesotans. About 90 percent of those Minnesota cabin owners plan to pass that cabin on to the next generation.

Then on top of that waterfront add all our rivers and we have more waterfront than California, Hawaii and Florida combined!


Why do we have so much waterfront in Minnesota?


Massive Glaciers covered Minnesota over the last 2.5 million years, and they expanded and retracted over time. About 14,000 years ago they retreated, and glaciers melted into the rivers and drainage systems on the land. In the Brainerd area, there are “kettle” lakes that were once home to even city-sized chunks of ice. They broke off from the warming glaciers and were buried in soft sandy soil that collapsed around the ice, creating a lake.


What is the lure of cabins in Minnesota?


Minnesotans love nature…one in six owns a boat, about a third enjoy fishing, we love boating and a sunset cruise, water skiing, tubing, swimming, campfires, swimming, grilling out and area golf courses around the cabins.


Minnesota real estate

Personally, my favorite memories as a child were the time our family spent at the cabin in the summers…it was when we just concentrated on the joy of being together and appreciating the wonderful surrounding. So, it is not only the beautiful lakes and activities that create this “Minnesota culture” it is also the family bonding and lifelong memories that are priceless!


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