The Better Half in Lakeville

The Better Half in Lakeville

The Better Half in Lakeville

The Better Half is in Lakeville, Minnesota and has just opened. Located at 20851 Holyoke Ave in Lakeville. Right on the main street of downtown Lakeville.


We were greeted by the two sister who run it and they were very pleasure and inviting. Our server was Shelby, and she did a wonderful job and was very pleasant.

The interior is well designed, and tables are comfortable and well-spaced. The horseshoe bar is attractive and a good place to eat. It has large windows on the east and south side that provide a pleasant view and plenty of sunlight. Yet to be opened is a nice size patio that has privacy barriers.

The serve breakfast until 3pm and also has a lunch and dinner menu. The menu has an abundance of well thought out and delicious items. We look forward to trying many more items in the future! What we had for lunch.


Maine style lobster roll. The lobster roll came with fries, but soup is available for an upgrade at an additional charge, which I chose. The lobster roll was quite good. Toasted mustard roll filled with lobster chunks, celery, and relish. It was delicious despite not tasting any mustard at all.

Chef’s choice soup for the day. This creamy white soup featured sausage, spinach, and potatoes and was delicious! It was served with oyster crackers instead of bread. The combination of bread and soup is one of my favorites, so I enjoy it when they serve bread.

The other soup that was available was Cream of Mushroom soup. We also tried that…it had lots of mushrooms, was slow cooked to perfection and had a little kick which was perfect.

Korean Beef Skewers. This is an appetizer, but the two skewers filled with marinated flank steak, white onion, shishito peppers, and cherry tomatoes was easily enough for lunch or even dinner. It has a delicious teriyaki glaze and miso aioli for dipping. We thought this was a homerun! This is a must-go to restaurant!

I hope you found my blog The Better Half in Lakeville helpful.

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Jeff Anderson

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