Some things to be thankful for from 2020

Some things to be thankful for from 2020

Some things to be thankful for from 2020

Some things to be thankful for from 2020

Both in business and my personal life I have things to be thankful for in 2020. I think all have had a difficult year with the pandemic and how it has affected our family, friends, and business. In these times I believe we must look to the positives and appreciate those people in our lives who are important.


Some of my observations…

In my Minnesota real estate business, I am continually humbled by those that put their trust in my abilities to help them with some of the most important decisions of their life. This inspires me to continually dedicate myself to be the best advocate that I can. I would like to thank all of you for your trust!


I am blessed with an exceptional office manager, Sarah Anderberg, who is not only dedicated but so creative and supporting. She makes me a better real estate agent. And I value her friendship. My team member, Ken Phad, is always there when I need him and has been a friend long before we began working together. This all helps me to absolutely love what I do!


Having a supportive family is critical to being successful. I am blessed with that.

One of my clients this year was my daughter, Georgie, who bought her first home. That was a remarkable experience to share with her and the journey was just as enjoyable as the destination.


In this year I have seen the best and worst in my fellow Americans. The acts of kindness to strangers and animals has been hard warming. The dedication of our front-line responders to the pandemic…the doctors, nurses, firemen, police, and teachers has been beyond remarkable! They are putting their lives at risk to save and protect ours and hold the very fabric of our society together amid heartbreaking chaos. To simply say thank you seems so inadequate.


So, while you normally read as I speak of Minnesota real estate…today I give thanks to some of those that have made a difference in my life and to all those in our community, state and nation that are making a difference with their sacrifice and dedication. Thank you!


Look for more articles and videos in the future on different aspects of Minnesota real estate and our state of Minnesota.

Real estate is a wonderful investment!


Jeff Anderson The Anderson Team RE/MAX Results


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