Some interesting facts about living in Minnesota

Some interesting facts about living in Minnesota

Some interesting facts about living in Minnesota

Some interesting facts about living in Minnesota

Many of us that live in Minnesota know that it is a great place to live. But here is something you might not know about living in Minnesota.

Many say it seemed colder in Minnesota in the winters when they grew up. Well, depending on how old you are, that is true. In the last 50 years the average temperature is 5 degrees warmer in the winter than the previous recorded years. This has been attributed to carbon emissions in the air. Otherwise known as “global warming”.

We speak with pride about all our lakes and water recreation in Minnesota. But did you know we have more water shoreline than California, Florida and Hawaii combined – 90,000 miles. Also, there are 69,200 miles of rivers and streams in Minnesota. That is enough to circle the equator 2 3/4 times!

Everyone knows we have some of the best fishing in the United States. But did you know that the Minnesota Department of Wildlife stocks our waters with 256,259,500 fish on average per year. That is enough to give 4 out of 5 people in the US a fish. We also have more recreational boats per person

than any other State in the union. One of every six people own a boat.

People in the United States speak of our harsh winters. But that does not stop us from exercising. The State of Minnesota ranks first when it comes to the percentage of residents who exercise regularly.

We started the skyway system (and malls) in our great state. The Minneapolis Skyway System stands out as the largest network of skyways globally. It has 9.5 miles of a continuous skyway network.

A part of our northern boarder is Lake Superior. Which is the largest freshwater lake in the world.

I hope you enjoyed some interesting facts about living in Minnesota!


Look for more articles and videos in the future on different aspects of Minnesota real estate and our state of Minnesota.

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