Restaurant review of Teresa’s in Lakeville, Minnesota

Restaurant review of Teresa’s

Restaurant review of Teresa’s in Lakeville, Minnesota

Restaurant review of Teresa’s in Lakeville, Minnesota

We visited the Teresa’s. And this is my review

You can find Teresa’s Mexican restaurant in Lakeville Located at 20202 Heritage Drive, Lakeville. It has a 4.4 Goggle rating with 950,1,,,

My impressions

While there are many Mexican restaurants in the Twin Cities. Teresa’s stands out. First, I like the atmosphere. It not only has a large, festive bar area with plenty of big screen TV’s. But it also has the booths and room for large family size tables. In addition, the service is friendly and quick. And with the food and drinks served warm and very promptly.

Restaurant review of Teresa’s – The food

Here is our selections and impressions.

The dinner menu

Chips and salsa for a starter

I could make a meal with their homemade chips and salsa. Add to that the cheese dip and I just can’t stop myself. Seriously, you can make a meal of this with a Margaretta.

El Toro

While I realize I’m a little boring ordering the same thing every time. It’s simply because it is so good I don’t want to try anything else. First, it is a chicken breast with shrimp and slices of fresh jalapeno peppers. Then, cover that with a tasty cheese sauce. Then finish the plate with rice and beans. You will see why I enjoy it so if you try it.

The drinks

I can only share with you one drink I have their every time I go. Because it is the best in the Twin Cities. It’s the strawberry Margaretta. Simply wonderful but watch out…the large size is HUGE!

Would I go there again?

Of course. Wasn’t my first time and certainly will not be my last. I’m a regular there with family and friends. This is a must try for those that like Mexican food. Even if your not a fan of Mexican food it is still worth a visit!

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