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Welcome to Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka is an inland lake located approximately 15 miles west-southwest of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis is part of the Minneapolis/St Paul metropolitan area and known as the “Twin Cities”. The lake lies within Hennepin County and Carver County. Lake Minnetonka is  surrounded by numerous municipalities which Excelsoir, Mound, Orono, Deephaven, Tonka Bay, Minnetonka Beech, Spring Park, Greenwood, Victoria and Woodland. Lake Minnetonka is Minnesota’s ninth largest lake at 14,528 acres and is popular among boaters, sailors, and fishermen. It is also one of Minnesota’s most affluent residential areas.


Lake Minnetonka has a long and rich history with hotels, steamboats, Yacht club and present in the 1880’s. IN the early 1900’s the streetcar line was extended to Lake Minnetonka and then Express Boats opened people to all locations throughout the lake. Attractions like Big Island Park were big a popular tourist spot. Excelsior Amusement Park opened in 1920’s and even had the Rolling Stones perform there in 1964.


Attractions and activities for Lake Minnetonka


Lake Minnetonka features very popular restaurants. Some of these Al and Alma’s Supper Club and Charter Cruises ( Which The Anderson Team has enjoyed) on Cooks Bay was founded in 1956 and is Lake Minnetonka’s longest operating restaurant and cruise line. Lord Fletcher’s restaurant in Spring Park has been one of Lake Minnetonka’s most popular establishments since opening in 1968. Maynards Restaurant was established in 1998 in Excelsior and regarded as Minnesota’s most popular waterfront restaurant. Recently downtown Excelsior and Wayzata have become popular Twin Cities culinary destinations as many new outstanding restaurants have opened.

The Old Log Theater which is located in Greenwood opened in 1940 and is now Minnesota’s oldest professional theater organization.  Famous Alumni of the theater include actors Nick Nolte and Loni Anderson.

Paisley Park which was the former home and recording studio of Minnesota’s own musical icon Prince is located approximately two miles south of Lake Minnetonka in Chanhassen. The complex is now open to the public as a museum in remembrance of Prince and his accomplishments.

Lake Minnetonka is home to several regional parks owned by Three Rivers Park District. The largest and most popular among these are Lake Minnetonka Regional Park in Minnetrista and Noerenberg Gardens in Orono. Three Rivers Park District also maintains two long regional bike trails near the lake. Two other large public parks on Lake Minnetonka are Big Island Nature Park and the Excelsior Commons.

Boating, skiing, sunning, sailing, eating & drinking and fishing are the most popular activities on Lake Minnetonka.