Rare Steak & Sushi Restaurant Review

rare steak & sushi

Rare Steak & Sushi Restaurant Review

Rare Steak & Sushi 

This is our review.

You can find Rare Steak & Sushi in Edina, Minnesota. 250 Southdale Center, Edina in the Lifetime Fitness Club. See Star Tribune article on it.

My impressions

The 43 million, four-story facility is amazing. Indoor soccer field, roof-top swimming pool, wonderful workout areas and after all that you can have great sushi. The Rare Sushi & Lounge is open to the public so friends, clients and family can meet you there after you work-out.

The food

There are three things I continue to have.

The Edamame – it is lightly blanched with roasted sesame seed salt. Always perfectly served and wonderful.

The Tuna Burrito – This wrap comes with tender tuna and spicy dip. It is surprising good size and is all you need for a full lunch. Priced at about $12 and I consider it a value.

The Salmon Burrito – This is also a wrap but with tender Salmon. Same size as Tuna Burrito with same spicy dip. Priced at about $12 and same value.

You can always ask for a custom order…I have them do one of Tuna and Salmon and it was amazing.

Reservations can be made by calling 952-257-7100.


Absolutely…Five-star review! This is such a great place to work-out, then have a first-class dining experience. And the restaurant is open to the public!

Need a dinner or lunch idea?

If you need a dinner suggestion just reach out to me. I have lots of great options for you! Either in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, or surrounding suburbs.


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