Pick Your Team! Your Real Estate Agent Should Feel Like A Friend.

Pick Your Team! Your Real Estate Agent Should Feel Like A Friend.

Pick your teamPick Your Team!

Pick your team before you take the leap into home buying. This is one major step you should consider THE most essential, finding your perfect match in a realtor. This is your teammate! There are numerous factors to look into when you’re on the hunt to buy your dream home. Experience and education are definitely #1 on the list, alongside word of mouth. Word of mouth is a contributing factor I would not take too lightly.

Some factors to consider:

  • Informed: clearly and properly explain the real estate market, as it is today. They can also be helpful in interpreting what today’s real estate market headlines mean to your home buying journey.
  • Cushion: Finding an agent to buffer in negotiations, throughout the entire process, is extremely valuable. You not only need this, you want this!
  • Pricing: If you’ve picked the right agent they will help you gain a better understanding of current real estate pricing and values. This is helpful when you’re ready to submit an offer (This is also helpful if you’re preparing to list your home).
  • Skill: This is the factor that everyone looks to, above all. This should go hand in hand with the research you’ve done into the word of mouth reputation they’ve earned.
  • Correspondence: Willingness to help with the necessary paperwork needed to make it to the closing table. Mind you, there is plenty of paperwork. Get ready! Get help!

Remember, hiring a realtor to assist in finding your dream home, or sell your present home, should be a well-informed decision.

Ultimately, the agent you decide to partner with will help you along the way, with the entirety of the home buying process.

Furthermore, make doubly, and even quadruple-y, sure that the realtor you have chosen would take the time to explain anything that needs further discussion and more so, someone who feels like an old friend. The vibe you pick up from someone call tell you so much.


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