Maintenance program for your home

maintenance program for your home

Maintenance program for your home

How to develop a maintenance program for your home.

How do we start?

First, we need to determine what items require maintenance. How do we develop a maintenance program for your home?

The home inspection

When you purchase a home and have a home inspection done it provides you with two things. First, it determines what items you might want the seller to address. This is part of the negotiation process. And it is important to give extra attention to hazards. Second, the inspection will highlight items that require attention.

Develop a list of those items that need attention

They can be split into a few categories.

One would be regularly scheduled maintenance. This includes the monthly changing of furnace filters. Also, the yearly changing of smoke detector batteries and furnace humidifier filter. In addition, it can include winterizing your sprinkling system and spigots. Lastly, a yearly furnace tune-up and cleaning in the fall is always a good policy.

Another is maintenance category is the areas to watch. This includes caulking around exterior windows, doors and skylights. Checking and cleaning out your gutters. Monitoring peeling paint on the exterior siding and/or trim of your home. Checking the attachment bolts on your garage door and mechanics to see if they need tightening. Resealing your asphalt driveway to extend life. Sealing your concrete patio. And painting or staining your deck as needed. Those are a few items to give you an idea.

Last category

This is the toughest one. The inspector will give you an expected life for many aspects of your home. These include the furnace, AC unit, water heater, water softener, roof, siding, driveway, windows, etc. You will then figure replacement cost and begin to put money into a savings account for future replacement needs. Homeowners associations do this for future expenditures. But it is also a good practice for single family homeowners.

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