What to ask the seller to do with inspections concerns

How to address Home Inspection Concerns

What to ask the seller to do with inspections concerns

What to ask the seller to do with inspections concerns

Function of a home inspection

A home inspection is to educate the buyer(s) on the condition of the home they are buying. Within the report the inspector rates condition as meets minimum requirements. And if it is below minimum requirements and then if it is hazardous. Also, you will find comments for specific observations. Lastly, you are provided with many photographs that support the opinions and we can talk about how to address the home inspection concerns.

How to determine what items to ask the seller to address?

When a hazard is found that is pretty much an automatic issue the buyers wants addressed. Resolved with the seller fixing that or by a reduction in the price. An example of this is electrical issues like no GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bath. Or a radon reading above 4.0. Or an unsafe carbon Monoxide reading coming from the furnace. Each system in the house can have a hazardous issue that becomes an inspection issue. On a home in good condition I normally see 4-8 items  addressed by the seller.

How should one frame the requests?

Having the work done in a professional manner can be a matter of concern for the buyer(s). I recommend that the work done by a licensed contractor. Examples of this are a licensed electrician, licensed plumber, professional HVAC contractor and licensed and insured general contractors.

Checking on completed work

I ask that the seller and their agent provide us with receipts of the work done prior to closing. Then if we have questions, we can discuss it with the contractor who did the work. Also, we do a final walk through before closing. At that time, we can see the completed work. And, we can make sure the quality of the work is acceptable. The receipt also gives us recourse if their work is found to be faulty sometime later.

It is a process

Having an agent by your side who can walk you through the process can be invaluable. From the inspection, to negotiation of seller repairs and lastly the final inspection. Your agent is also your advocate after the closing if any post close issues come up.

I hope you found this helpful

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