Green Mill Restaurant & Bar Review

Green Mill Restaurant & Bar in Lakeville

Green Mill Restaurant & Bar Review

Green Mill Restaurant & Bar Review

We visited the Green Mill Restaurant & Bar Review in Lakeville, Minnesota. And this is my review.

You can find The Green Mill Restaurant & Bar in Lakeville at At 17733 Kenwood Trail, Lakeville, Minnesota. It has a 4.1 Goggle rating with 546 reviews…0.2..0.97.684.9……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j0i7i30j0i8i7i30j0i13..26%3A63.nc1NzQdbHDc#lrd=0x87f639b3589c3a53:0x244f8c584fc8aedd,1,,,

My impressions

Green Mill Restaurant & Bar Review In Lakeville has a convenient location. Open from 11am to 11pm on Monday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday open 11am to 12am. Sunday 10am to 11pm. They are friendly when you arrive. I was there for dinner. And the service is fast and friendly. And the food was hot, but deep-dish pizza takes 45 minutes to cook.

The food

Here is their food menu They have an extensive menu and offers lots of choices.

Here is my selection and impressions of Green Mill Restaurant & Bar Review

Appetizer – Extreme Jamaican Wings

Ok, I pride myself on being able to handle and enjoy hot food. Well, there is no preparation for this! First, I ate them all. But I couldn’t get enough water or bread to try to reduce the oil from the wings in my mouth. If you want the hottest wings you have ever had…these are the ticket!

Deep dish pizza

Quite frankly they have the best deep-dish pizza in Minnesota. It is Chicago style and about 2 inches thick. I ordered garlic, tomato, chicken, onion and mushroom with extra cheese. But I have tried other options before. Every time it has been outstanding. They deliver and you can get half-price deep dish pizzas all day on Tuesdays.


You bet! Might eat in or have it delivered. I do both regularly. Never been disappointed!

Need a dinner idea?

If you need a dinner suggestion just reach out to me. I have lots of great options for you to try! Either in Minneapolis, Saint Paul or surrounding suburbs.

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